National Meeting 2022

The first-annual CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting will be held in-person on November 8 & 9, 2022 in Calgary, AB.

CIRTN-R2FIC is a network focused on bringing together Canada’s islet research community. The CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting 2022 will be a cornerstone opportunity to promote collaboration, networking, and professional development through workshops, lectures, and teambuilding activities. The meeting will take place over two days, and is open to all members of CIRTN-R2FIC.

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The CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting is open to all members of the CIRTN-R2FIC Network (PIs and Trainees), as well as industry partners. Registration is required in order to attend the meeting.

Update [10/01/2022]: Registration for the meeting has now closed. If you did not register before the deadline and would like to attend, please contact Christine Doucette.

Day 1 – Scientific Day (November 8, 2022)

  • The Scientific Day will have a keynote lecture from Dr. Barbara E. Corkey, a lecture from the winner of the PI Mentorship Award Dr. Patrick MacDonald, and research presentations from 40 network trainees. There also will be a short awards ceremony to congratulate the winners of the Mentorship Awards.
  • The day will wrap-up with a banquet dinner.

Day 2 – Training and Networking Day (November 9, 2022)

  • For Trainees: The ULTRA Scientists Day, featuring seminars and a grant-writing workshop
  • For PIs, Staff: Networking and team-building activity (curling), followed by the CIRTN-R2FIC General Members Meeting
  • For all attendees:  The day concludes with a pub night and career panel at Shoe and Canoe in the Delta Hotel
Attendees are responsible for booking their own accommodation.

The meeting will take place at the Delta Hotel Downtown Calgary, however attendees are encouraged to book whatever accommodation is preferred.

Booking deadline (to receive the discounted conference rate): Closed. Rooms at the Delta are still available, however they will be at the regular rate.

The first 30 Trainees to register for Day 2 of the meeting are eligible for two nights (Nov 7-8) of free accommodation at the Delta Hotel. If you were one of the first 30 Trainees, you have been sent an email with details on how to claim this perk. You must book at the Delta before October 8, 2022 in order to get free accommodation.

If you have questions about accommodation please contact Christine Doucette.


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The meeting features many live presentations, and as such the estimated times on the schedule are subject to change.

Nominations for the Mentorship Awards are now closed.

Two exceptional CIRTN-R2FIC members will be recognized at the National Meeting for their outstanding contributions to mentorship and training in the Network over the past year. All CIRTN-R2FIC members are encouraged to submit nominations for the awards, and there is no limit to the number of nominations a member may submit.

The deadline for submitting nominations has been extended to October 10, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT. Award winners will be notified of decision in mid-October.

The CIRTN-R2FIC Principal Investigator Mentorship Award 

    • Sponsored by the Alberta Diabetes Institute
    • Awarded to a PI from the Network who has demonstrated exemplary trainee mentorship
    • The winning PI will receive complimentary travel and accommodation for the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting, and be given the opportunity to present a mentorship lecture on Day 1 of the meeting

The CIRTN-R2FIC Researcher Mentorship Award

    • Sponsored by CRCHUM
    • Awarded to a member of the CIRTN-R2FIC Network who is not a PI (graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, research associate, technical staff) who has demonstrated exemplary contributions to trainee mentorship
    • The winner will receive a $1000 honorarium, a certificate and title to include in their CV, and be recognized during Day 1 of the meeting

Award Requirements

Each nominee should have a track record of exemplary mentorship. For example, they should:

  • Foster a supportive research environment
  • Support mentees in developing skills necessary for pursuing their career paths
  • Encourage the intellectual, creative, and professional growth of mentees
  • Facilitate mentee opportunities and successes (eg. through publications, research talks, leadership roles, public outreach)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in the research community

Award Eligibility

  • Both the nominee and the nominator must be CIRTN-R2FIC members
  • The nominator does not need to attend the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting in order to submit a nomination
  • The winner of the PI Award must attend the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting
  • The winner of the non-PI Award is not required to attend the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting
  • Nominations should be from a single individual, however multiple individuals can nominate the same nominee. Multiple nominations will be considered together in the selection process.
  • Non-PIs are permitted to nominate themselves
  • PIs are not permitted to nominate themselves
  • Nominees cannot serve on the selection committee.

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If you are interested in sponsoring the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting, please contact Christine Doucette for details.

Thank you for your support!

The CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors.

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Where is the meeting being held?

The CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting 2022 will be held at the Delta Hotel in Calgary, AB, with some additional meals and teambuilding events being held offsite.

Is meeting registration free?

Registration for the meeting is free for all Trainees, and may be free for PIs (subject to fundraising). Industry partners who sponsor the meeting at the Gold or Silver levels also receive free registration.

Is accommodation free?

Two nights (Nov 7-8) of free accommodation at the Delta Hotel will by provided by CIRTN-R2FIC to the first 30 Trainees who register for Day 2 of the meeting, the ULTRA Scientists Day. If you were one of the first 30 Trainees to register, you were sent an email with details on how to claim this perk. Accommodation must be booked before October 8, 2022 to claim this perk.

Accommodation costs for other attendees are the responsibility of the attendee.

Is the meeting hybrid?

The meeting is being conducted in-person only, sessions will not be broadcast virtually.

Can I present my research on Day 1 of the meeting?

Thank you for your interest, but abstract submission is now closed for Day 1 presentations. If you submitted an abstract for consideration, you will be notified of decision later in September.

If I register for the CIRTN-R2FIC Meeting, can I also attend the Diabetes Canada Conference?

The Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference is being held in Calgary on November 10-12, immediately following the CIRTN-R2FIC Meeting. To attend this Conference, you must complete an additional registration.

If you were one of the first 30 Trainees to register for Day 2 of the CIRTN-R2FIC Meeting, you received a code that can be redeemed for free registration to the Diabetes Canada Conference. Trainees who receive this code are responsible for completing their own registration.

I still have questions.

Please contact the CIRTN-R2FIC Coordinator Chris Peacocke or Christine Doucette with any additional questions about the CIRTN-R2FIC National Meeting.