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  • Check out Krista Lamb’s new book, Beyond Banting, highlighting 11 CIRTN-R2FIC PIs and 3 CIRTN-R2FIC trainees.

February 2021

  • The CIRTN-R2FIC Strategic Planning Committee has published a plan for the network, which outlines our directions and initiatives over the next four years. Check it out on our Resources & Opportunities page!

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  • Noa Gang(Bruin lab): NSERC PGS D
  • Jonathan Brassard (Hoesli &  Parasevas labs): Vanier
  • Jasmine Maghera (MacDonald lab): CIRH Master’s award, Alberta SPORU, AB GSS, Walter H. John’s Fellowship
  • Salar Farokhi Boroujeni (Bruin lab): NSERC USRA
  • Taylor Morriseau (Doucette lab): Manitoba 150 Women trailblazer



  • Noa Gang (Bruin lab): OGS scholarship
  • Myriam Hoyeck (Bruin lab): CIHR Fredrick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship 2020-23, OGS scholarship
  • Kevin Guo (Ferron lab): IRCM scholarship
  • Celine Schott (Ferron lab): IRCM scholarship, Doctoral scholarship (FRQ-S) 2020-22
  • Marcel Gonzalez Medina (Giacca lab): BBDC graduate studentship
  • Deborah Joseph (Giacca lab): BBDC graduate scholarship, OGS scholarship
  • Daemon Cline (Kieffer lab): NSERC doctoral scholarship 2020-23
  • Shenghui Liang (Kieffer lab): Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research trainee fellowship 2019-22
  • Janyne Johnson (Light lab): 2020 ADI / HRD Studentship
  • Amanda Gomes (MacDonald lab): 2020 ADI / HRD Studentship