National Graduate Course in Islet Biology

We are excited to announce that our for-credit online course for graduate students interested in islet biology is once again being offered by the University of Toronto in 2022.

This course consists of two modules:

Islet Biology I: Gene to Cell to Organ to Disease

Islet Biology II: Beyond Glucose Control: Molecular Targets, Diagnostics and Cutting-edge Technologies

Lectures in each module cover a wide array of islet biology topics and will be delivered by over 20 CIRTN-R2FIC members.

For more information, please visit the links above or contact course coordinators Rob Screaton and Erin Mulvihill.

Highlighted Trainees

Xin (Grace) Dong

MSc Candidate, Janel Kopp Lab


Training: BSc (Combined Science), University of British Columbia

Project: My project focuses on the developmental process of mouse pancreas. I’m currently investigating the role of YAP1 on endocrine cellular differentiation in pancreas using an explant model. I’ll characterize the developmental process in explants and compare it to what happens in vivo.

Techniques: Embryonic dissection, genotyping PCR, immunofluorescent staining, and confocal microscopy.

About: Outside the lab, I enjoy gardening, reading, and walking my cat.