Membership is open to researchers at all career stages across Canada with an interest in developing a better understanding of the pancreatic islets of Langerhans in health in disease.

We welcome investigators working in all areas of islet biology: from molecules to cells and tissues, organisms, and populations; from models to humans; and from theoretical to applied research. Members will have an underlying interest in islets and pancreatic hormones, and a willingness to contribute to a collaborative and supportive community.

Becoming a Member:

Applications for membership can be completed online by clicking the button below.

Principal Investigators


To be a member, Principal Investigators must:


Have their primary appointment at a Canadian university
Demonstrate active contribution to islet research in Canada
Agree to actively participate in network activities, including regular attendance at related scientific meetings and mentorship/professional development of trainees

Trainees and Research Staff


To be a member, trainees and research staff must:


Be currently working under the supervision of a Principal Investigator at a Canadian university, or have recently completed training at a Canadian University, with an interest in maintaining connections with Canada
Be actively training in and/or contributing to islet research
Agree to actively participate in various network activities including regular attendance at the scientific meetings, such as CIRTN-R2FIC journal club and professional development seminars